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Make A Minimum Of
$10,000 To As Much As $55,000
Per Month As A Credit Coach

The Only Step-By-Step Credit Business Program With Genuine Life Changing
Success Stories From Every Day People — And You Can Be Next!


A Proven Pathway To Full-Time Internet
Income WITHOUT Selling Your Soul!

Being a Credit Coach is one of the most straight forward methods to start an internet business. It is financially lucrative, personally satisfying, can be built on something you already enjoy, and (in my experience) is by far the best way to get started making money online.

You don’t need equipment, inventory, or even an office.

I’m convinced anyone can start a credit business, build an audience, and have a genuine income potential of anywhere from $10,000 up to $55,000 per month or more, if they follow the steps I’m about to reveal to you.

Yes, you can do it, too 90% of all US Citizens need help the market is wide open.

Here’s what that means to you…

Pro Blogger

No One Controls Your Life…

Would you like to be able to add some serious excitement to your life…

…to create something that is uniquely your own…

…that has the potential to make you enough money that you can stay in bed on cold, blustery winter mornings instead of having to go to work…

…or would let you go to the beach on Wednesday if the surf is up, or to simply spend time chatting with friends whenever you wanted?…

If that sounds like something you want for your own life, stay with me because I’d like to share my simple system with you and teach you how to duplicate my results and start earning a full time income as a Credit Coach part time.


We have a tested and proven system which we show you, step-by-step How To:

The Credit Mastermind:

  • Get a copy of this website
  • We show you how to build out your own new credit profile so you have experience for your new clients credit files you will help them with. (videos, audio and PDF training downloads)
  • We host your new website (clone of this website you are on now) FREE for 60 days so you don’t have to worry about setting up and hiring a designer and developer
  • We provide you the same marketing materials we have for our company (that you responded to), only we put your domain name and phone number on all of the materials that are ready for social media distribution (you can post an image on social media right?)
  • You get the pass-codes to login to your website if you need to edit prices and content (or we

    can do it for you)

  • Under The Credit Mastermind automation website reseller program, we don’t just give you a highly converting website and account like you are on now, we give you an entire marketing automation method under your own brand
  • Including unlimited customer accounts, all our credit coaching tools and training guides to sell, and a partner-level dashboard to manage your clients, complete with your own logos on your own domain and pre-made ads ready to go.
  • No technical skills are needed: we train you and provide all the resources you need to sell The Credit Mastermind Training Program from day one.
  • You can choose to sell Credit Repair and New CPN Credit accounts or just sell this website with all its content to other people its entirely up to you.
  • Full disclosure promise: We promise to reveal every detail necessary for you to be successful in your credit coaching business and website helping people create legal new credit files providing credit repair and providing the website and new CPN numbers to get your clients and their clients going.

This is for:

  • People who are tired of sitting on the fence and want to start earning a generous income online doing something you love
  • Real estate agents and general administration office workers who are looking for a way to generate MUCH more income from your time with LESS effort
  • Coaches, Experts, Authors, Speakers, Trainers, or Entrepreneurs who want to use a credit coaching service as a marketing tool to establish authority, to “Build A Platform”, generate BUZZ, attract new clients and create a massive competitive advantage financially


“Being a Credit Coach is about finally having the
freedom to live life on your terms…
To wake up each day knowing you can do
WHAT you want, WHEN you want”

Yaro Starak

Let Me Explain…

I’m writing this page you are reading from a cafe in the city of my hometown San Diego, CA.

It’s mid-afternoon. I’m sitting here enjoying an orange juice and watching hundreds of people, wearing suits and work clothes, rushing back and forwards going to and from jobs they don’t like, jobs that leave them feeling empty and unfulfilled but they have to ‘stick with’ to put bread on the table and “Pay The Bills”.

This doesn’t have to be the story of your life!

As a successful Credit Coach that started with The Credit Mastermind many years ago, a whole new world of options opened up for me and can for you too. Suddenly things that yesterday were just wishes, hopes and dreams become real life choices.


Stop Trading Hours-For-Dollars

If you currently work a job, or freelance, coach or consult, or do any activity where your potential to earn an income is capped by the hours you work, then it’s time for you to change. It’s time to choose a better business model.

Instead of getting paid-by-the-hour, why not get paid even while you are sleeping! – I know that sounds cliche, but it’s true.

Your Credit Mastermind Website can sell to people 24 hours a day. Wake up and see another order waiting and another person who’s life you will change for the better.


Yaro Starak


Why Should You Listen To Me?

Good question! Here’s why I’m qualified to teach you how to start your own Credit Mastermind Business…



I Went Online I connected to the thecreditmastermind.com and read the offer and purchased the program.

I started a Credit Repair and New Credit File service for the first time, opening up an entirely new way of helping others and making money online.

Ten years later I mostly make a living from just selling this website package and traveling the world with my laptop.

I Was A Beginner…

When I first started my service back in January 2005, I was an absolute beginner…

I quickly discovered that offering credit services was easy to do and also heaps of fun. I started to build a loyal, responsive client base and learned 90% of Americans are in credit trouble. Wow I though what a niche to be in in a down market.

My site visitor numbers kept growing day-by-day until one day I realized “Wow! I can actually make great money with this!”, so I threw myself into experimenting with different techniques to advertise and make money with my website.

Currently, I update my advertising once a week, and consistently make a minimum of $10,000 US to as much as $55,000 US every single month!

And this is STABLE, reliable income (I’m still coaching for my living today – more than ten years later!), built on a solid foundation, not a temporary flash-in-the-pan, here-today-gone-tomorrow pipe dream.

Recently TheCreditMastermind.com contacted me and asked me to be a part of their 2.0 offering program for this page and I jumped at the chance to be a part of this effort to help millions of people with their credit through this landing page and all the landing pages that will be generated from it.

How YOU Are Able To Change Your Life

You will see that all the work The Credit Mastermind has done is provided to you in a clear and concise manner in your back office that you log in to.

Ok so here is the nub of it;

Your daily activities

  • You communicate with a new client from 15 minutes to 45 minutes on average or they just pay on your website for The Credit Mastermind program
  • They automatically get their username and password and downloads user area access
  • They read the user agreement agree to everything during sign up
  • They download their getting started agent guide which details everything for them
  • They call you/your virtual assistant or email our support staff for any issues they don’t understand which we also use to put into our knowledge-base reducing new client questions and streamlining the whole process.
  • You check your bank account and email notifications for deposits and sales notices
  • You fill out your new advertising tickets with us depending on the social network or classified sites you want exposure in and define your budget and marketing materials or you can choose to take care of your own ad posting
  • Rinse and repeat

Honestly once you have a few satisfied clients your advertising budget could potentially go to nothing since word of mouth will be beating up your phone and inbox daily.


After you make The Credit Mastermind purchase you need to do a couple of things

  1. Go to Godaddy.com or another domain registrar and find a domain name that is available and that fits within our industry.
  2. Buy it!
  3. Once you buy it you can give us the log in details so we can redirect the name-servers to our hosting or we can tell you the name-servers to edit your domain with so you get the free hosting for 60 days.
  4. Make new social media accounts that have your new domain name in the username or we can have our support staff do it for you (5 top social account for $50)
  5. Tell us the phone number you want on your new website so we can add it
  6. Within 2 weeks (at the latest) your new website will be up
  7. Within the first 3 days your new credit profile build out videos will have been show to you so you know how to create new files for your clients step by step


Your commitment:

Week 1:

30 minutes a business day (but probably much less) for the first week as we set up and you understand your new business through the simple start up guide and checklist. Call us email us or just get started via the user-friendly steps in your user account.

Week 2:

Once you have listened to the audio training of the most commonly answered questions and your website is up its time to start advertising.

Week 3:

Managing your first sales by logging into your user account and training area or email or call us to get over any mental or verbal blocks that might be limiting your ability to close a sale.

Week 4:

Realizing that you are now self-sufficient in your new business. Realizing you have a new credit file that is going to soon have a credit score that you can use to get some great credit cards and even use them as sales tools with your potential new clients as you start closing deals consistently.

Week: 5

Dealing with success and more money than you are used to. Reflective financial positioning and taking a commanding posture in your life again.

Week 6:

Knowing all the ins and out of your business you consider hiring someone to take your place on the phone since you realize you keep answering mostly the same questions all day. You can call us to have a virtual assistant assigned to your phone line to answer calls (US Accent phone support from another country $5.00 an hour or pay a friend or family member minimum wage in your state). Either way we have the audio training recordings for all the FAQs and Q&A for your operator.

Literally at this point you also understand you don’t have to “Sell” people and know that if you just paid an Operator hourly to just answer questions and not “Sell” you could free up you time to focus on more creative advertising campaigns or incentive programs.

Whatever your goals are we can help you achieve them! Whatever roll you want to take in your new company you can find the right fit and have others do the parts of the business you don’t care for so you can focus on being a genuine communicator to your new clients and making a great life for you and your loved ones. Responsible delegation to reliable virtual assistance has been our life blood and it can be yours for next to nothing compared to your profits.

While everyone needs money to survive, making money isn’t an end in itself – it’s the choices and freedom that money can give you that we value.

In 2007, after two years as a professional credit coach and living in the UK, I realized two of my dreams – I bought a brand new car and purchased my own house – all from the proceeds of my credit business!

Suzuki Swift

I was able to purchase a brand new Suzuki Swift with tinted windows, safety pack and rust proofing as extras. I paid $25,000 cash in one full payment.



A couple of years later I gave the Swift to my mother, bought myself “man-toy” car. I paid $85,000 for a brand new BMW 135i — definitely an upgrade on the Suzuki!

1st House

Buying new cars is a great feeling, but it didn’t compare to experiencing what most people consider a lifelong dream – to buy my own home.

My first purchase was a new, three-bedroom, two-story townhouse in my home city of San Diego, just 15 minutes drive from the center of the city. The house has a gas kitchen, back garden, large living area, garage, air conditioning and it’s very modern!


1st House

The Half-Million Bachelor Pad

Just two short years after buying my first home, in 2009 I bought a second property, a half-million dollar inner city apartment, with a massive outdoor area, swimming pool, gourmet kitchen, all right in the heart of all the action in San Diego, CA.

And this really blows my mind — I completely paid off the entire loan for my new apartment just two years later!

I became a “property millionaire” before aged 30 all thanks to this little credit service I started back in 2005 with The Credit Mastermind.


Travel The World And Make Money At The Same Time!

One of the great things credit coaching gives you is that you’re not tied down to one location. As long as you have a laptop and an Internet connection, you can work from anywhere.

Recently I went on a round the world trip traveling for 8 months, running my website from places like Fiji, Hawaii, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Toronto, Montreal, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Athens, Dubai and Singapore, using just my laptop.


Yaro Starak

In each city I rented nice apartments and the whole time I was coaching and earning thousands of dollars. There’s just no way I could travel like this if I had a “real job”.

I even managed to come home after my travels with more money in my bank account than when I left – how often do you hear people say that about their holidays!

My Travelling Photos

Being a Credit Coach Puts You In The Money…

Selling The Credit Mastermind Package; $2,195.00

First step: Get 5 people to sign up and earn $10,000.00+ (Can you do it in 30 days? We did and we show you how!

When you sell The Credit Mastermind Package that includes a website for your client and their first new credit file two things happen;

  1. You make $2,000.00 profit and…
  2. Earn 50% residuals on their hosting and new credit number needs for their clients

So not only are they paying you $2195 for the package that will take you 3 hours to provide service to them and cost you $125 to deliver but you then get all your costs reimbursed by your Agent Package Sale clients first new sign up.

Let’s assume that the $2,195 breaks down like this:


-$100 for the skip traced CPN number

-$25 for their first 90 days of hosting (first 60 days free then first payment of $25)

-$15 for your/clients new domain name (usually less)

= $2,055.00 profit! (No overhead from inventory or office space)

If you choose to have a virtual assistant at $5.00 an hour then we could reasonably assume they would work 10 hours on the phone before they convert a sale worst case. (we average 4.5 hours talk time per Credit Mastermind package sale with our virtual assistance)


Like I said:

3 hours work to deliver the clients new file, website and marketing materials.

You are making $685.00 an hour! Welcome to your new job where you get to help people make others happy healthy and wealthy.

But wait we are not finished yet:

What’s that? We take care of your clients hosting and marketing materials and chop an hour off of the client commitment time??? FANTASTIC!!!

We help you support your clients by providing a support ticket system on your website that looks like you are handling support when it is really our trained staff handling all the heavy lifting so you can focus on advertising and sales (i.e. collecting money)

At the end of 2014, we made the decision to once again teach people how to make money with credit using the unique formula we have refined over the previous seven years I received from The Credit Mastermind.

A lot has changed, but the fundamentals are the same.

When you are ready you can switch on the money by running ads.

Our marketing process is simple. We have provided social media and marketing templates to major players in the credit industry which in turn has netted them hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

You get the same award winning advertising to use as you wish were you wish.

You simply tell us your domain name and phone number and/or email address and we insert your contact information into our proven ads that are already designed for social media channels and classified platforms.

Do you ignore your text messages?

Are there any that you leave unopened?

If your like most people, you open the message. In fact the polls suggest that 90+% of SMS/Text messages get opened.

What if I were to send you this simple text message:

“Hey, I have your new credit file ready to start, I just need your go ahead”

Do you think you are going to get any response from the people? Well of course, even if the person knows nothing about legally setting up a new credit file with a 700+ FICO score.

I guarantee if you send this text message to 1000 people you will be processing non stop for weeks if not months with calls and clients, its crazy!

Let me tell you this straight up you guys… THIS IS NOT A TOUGH SALE! Really its not even sales since literally everyone needs what you have no matter the market conditions.

As you can imagine advertising will not be an issue. Don’t worry we walk you through text blasting, email marketing and social media advertising as well as offer you the option to just pay us to do it so you can just manage sales.

Sure $2195 is a good chunk of cash but since everyone realizes the chances of them getting their money back before the rent is due is a realistic inevitability its a no brainier.

So how do you get started?

If you’re like most people you feel frustrated by your lack of income and overwhelmed by all the things you are “supposed” to do to build a REAL LIFE.

You’re tired of seeing other people get more and more and earn more and more money, while you struggle to make even $1,000 per month.
How on earth are you meant to do all of it, especially if you have a full time job?

What if I told you there is a smarter way to earn, a system that goes completely against all the common advice…

  1. You DO NOT need to be everywhere all over the internet
  2. You can earn MORE from LESS traffic
  3. You don’t need to be special, have a unique talent or perfect timing
  4. It’s not about using “traffic tricks” that might get you in trouble with Google
  5. You do not produce free content hoping to be rewarded sometime in the future.
  6. It’s about eliminating tasks, not adding more things you have to do
  7. And it’s perfect for people just starting because you can validate where the money is coming from with just a small amount of traffic

A Smarter Credit System

We Create the Marketing Software and YOU KEEP 100% of the PROFITS!
Leave the coding dirty work to us! You get FULL RIGHTS to Sell It AS YOUR OWN!

What You Will Get:

  • Ready-To-Sell CPN Software App
  • Done for You website
  • Done for You Training Videos
  • Full Product Support
  • Future Updates/Enhancements
  • Access to the Rebrand Framework
  • Complete Control Over Your Members, Branding, Pricing and More

The Credit Mastermind developed this system after years of testing and following different methods of credit management and advertising.

I’ve also had the privilege to help coach over 3,000 paying members of The Credit Mastermind how to make money with The Credit Mastermind system.

Graduates of The Credit Mastermind have gone on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars from their businesses selling credit repair and new CPN file services or just selling this website package with all the support and training materials for your clients done for you.

The Credit Mastermind also helped two people start that went on to make millions of dollars, which is truly mind boggling!

Agent Case Study

Joey F.

Joel Freidlander

I ran a promotion from my credit business that
grossed $33k in about 5 days. It all
started with the CPN Agent Package.

$33,000 US A Month

“I went through The Credit Mastermind business setup in 2010, and it taught me just about everything I needed to know to get my credit business up and running quickly. At the time I was 62 and, although technologically competent, new to the world of credit files CPN & SCN concept.

Your training put me on track to build the biggest client base in the shortest amount of time and I even got speaking engagements all over the country, skyrocketed the prices for my services and consulting, and eventually spun off a separate highly profitable e-commerce site in 2013, with another one coming in 2014 all from starting in the credit business.

Don’t wait, sign up right now,
and let’s begin this journey together!

Join & become a Credit Coach

How Can You Avoid Failure?

The first and most important concept to understand is this:

You get more from doing less when you focus on ONE thing.

Concentration is key (and the secret behind how you can achieve a “2 hour work day” with a credit business).

You have heard of the 80/20 rule, which states that there are a small number of things responsible for the greater number of results.

Did you know there is another concept that takes the 80/20 rule and refines it even further?

It’s called “The One Thing“, popularised by Gerry Keller, who wrote the book about it.

The One ThingLet me save you some time and give you the one key concept that you need to know from his book (and Gerry would love that I’m telling you only ONE THING from his book) –

In any given situation, for any given goal you have,
there’s always ONE BEST THING you can do.

There are many things that can help, and you can reach an outcome following many paths, but there will always be a BEST option.

Your task is to identify the best thing and FOCUS your effort there.

What Is The One Best Thing
You Can Do For Your Credit Business Today?

In the case of new credit files, there is only one technique or step you should focus on today that will bring you the best result in the quickest time.

The problem is knowing not only WHAT to do, but WHEN to do it.

That’s exactly why a coaching program like this is so powerful.

It gives you not just the proven formula to build a profitable credit business, but it also tells you what order to work in, step-by-step.

Your challenge is not to add more and more things to your to-do list, but to do the opposite.

What you need to do is remove more and more things until only your BEST ONE ACTIVITY is left.

Once you complete that activity and have a result, there is always a next best activity for the next step.

When you do the right thing at the right time in the right order, then you have the keys to success.

Unfortunately nearly every person who starts a credit business intending to make money from it, does not know what to focus on or what order to work through.

For example, do you know the answer to these questions?

  1. When do I tri-merge my clients first file
  2. How and when do I check to see if they have a credit score posted?
  3. When should I start advertising my credit business?

These are just a small sample of so many questions you need to know the answers to.

If you don’t, like all those other credit gurus who fail, you will choose to do the wrong thing at the wrong time and end up with a “dead” file and an upset client.

Graduate Case Study

Monica N.

Natalie MacNeil

The Credit Mastermind program was the first I ever purchased online. I made the mindset shift to turn my CPN business into a scalable business, so I decided to get to work.

$500,000 USD A Year

At the time I did the The Credit Mastermind, I wasn’t even close to ready to start, but I knew one day I would, so I got started. But as soon as I started studying The Credit Mastermind content I decided why not – I am going to do this now! You don’t have to have tens years of experience, you can always share what you are learning.

The Credit Mastermind Training Is Live!
(NEW Version)

I’d Like To Invite You To Enroll In The Next Round Of
The Credit Mastermind Program

Here’s exactly what you get as a Credit Mastermind member…

The foundation of the program are the multimedia training workshops, where we personally guide you through each of the key steps we use to create your business platform.

If you want to just sell this website with a new CPN file to your prospects and not offer credit reapir or other credit services that is fine but you will still get all the training to master on your own.

There are three (3) workshops in all, each broken up into concise modules that you can study at your own pace. I recommend you complete one training workshop per week, which is just one module a day (a very realistic goal!) its what I did when I got started with The Credit Mastermind.

For getting started just selling the mastermind website package there are just 3 x 20 minute videos you need to watch that will take you from newbie to selling your first Mastermind Package for $2,000.00 in profit!

All the workshops are video presentations you can watch online inside the private members area, or download and take them with you as portable files on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. They are also available in MP3 audio-only and text PDF transcripts with slides.

The content is focused on how to turn your Credit Mastermind business into a full time income stream, with step-by-step instructions and actions for you to take at the end of each workshop, so you not only learn, you take action and get real results.

Here’s an outline of what you’ll find in each training:

Workshop 2 Icon

How To Set-Up Your
“ Sales Funnel”
To Make Money
From Day One

The first workshop focuses on the BIG PICTURE – the overall platform we created for you as the basis for your online business.

The Credit Mastermind teaches a unique system called the “Credit Sales Funnel”. This means you are going to combine a focused lead list and a problem-solving email list to sell your own credit services as well as simple social media images you will post to thousands of pages across the social spheres.

By the end of the first workshop you will have created your first Credit Sales Funnel.

In this workshop The Credit Mastermind reveals:

  • How we quickly set up the core technology you need: the website itself and your email list
  • A proven research process to determine what your target audience will be so you never have to “guess”
  • What is the single best FIRST ADVERTISEMENT you should make (every CPN agent should have this key)
  • Walk you through buying a domain name for your website and creating your support email account under that domain name
  • Tell you where to get the best 800 number or local number to manage your incoming calls (yep that’s right, NO COLD CALLING 🙂
  • Tell you where to submit your new domain name on our website and phone number so our designers can add it to your website and your new clients can get a hold of you once you start advertising your new domain and service

By the end of this first workshop you will know exactly who your target audience are, how you are going to help them (and make money doing so!) and will have set up all the key components for your basic automated credit sales funnel (your website and your email list).

Workshop 2 Icon

Email Marketing:
A Step-By-Step Template
To An Automated
Email Sequence That Sells

This second workshop builds on the first one, giving you the EXACT EMAILS to write and the SEQUENCE TO SEND THEM to make sales of your digital products.

There is no point building up your audience until you are certain about what you want them to do once they get to your blog. This workshop will answer that question, and give you the exact process to take people through after they discover your blog.

In this workshop I reveal:

  • Basic email marketing training so you know exactly how automated emails can be used to sell your service and digital products on autopilot
  • The most powerful psychological triggers that grab attention and engage your audience (to make sure people read your emails and click your links!)
  • How to set up an automated “new visitor experience” that converts first time readers of your websites landing page into paying customers
  • When you should send emails, how many you should send and what types of emails to send
  • The importance of “preselling” and how to use this content-driven concept to have your blog audience asking to buy things from you before you even make an offer
  • The 9 email “templates”: the exact email formats I use in my business responsible for almost every cent I have ever made online as a Credit Guru with The Credit Mastermind
  • A step-by-step task sheet to map out a two-week email sequence that is a proven sales machine, which you can plug straight into your website

This workshop is an email writing bootcamp, a complete course in and of itself. I promise if you apply what you learn in workshop two you will recoup the cost of more than three-fold at minimum.

Workshop 4 Icon

Advanced Traffic Techniques To Automate Your In-Bound Visitor Flow

These are what we call high-leverage traffic strategies and tactics. When you implement these techniques your traffic will grow AUTOMATICALLY. This is a key to a true 2 hour work day credit agent laptop lifestyle.

These are the strategies that can turn you from an average credit guy or gal with a few hundred visitors, to an A-List Credit Master with thousands of regular readers and authority.

These are the Secret Weapons I used to build up my Credit Business with The Credit Mastermind

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How to tap into big traffic sources even when you are just starting out and no-one knows who you are
  • Where The Credit Mastermind go to hire freelancers to do all the work for you once you understand the process
  • The exact hands-off  techniques we use to gain traffic from Social Media without spending hours and hours on social sites
  • The real secret sauce – what we call Conversation Marketing – how to leverage the natural communication flow that occurs online between blogs and social sites, and how to capture the lion’s share of the traffic!
  • The only traffic technique you need to focus on when you are just getting started (and why it’s so important you ignore the rest in the beginning!)
  • The key component behind every successful credit business (Hint: it has a lot more to do with your ability to make friends than any technical tricks)
Module 6 Icon

Plus! – Checklists and Task Sheets


The workshops include checklists and task sheets that give you the exact steps to take to implement what you learn. This is where the “rubber hits the road” – it’s time for you to get out there and build your credit business following the step-by-step instructions I give you every workshop.

Ticking the box as you get each step done is an important motivation and accountability tool. Many of The Credit Mastermind coaches have told me that it was the tasks that they appreciated the most because it was clear what they had to focus on for each step.

Transcripts, Audio MP3s And Portable Video


We realize not everyone likes to sit in front of their computer and watch videos. Because of this we’ve given you text PDF transcripts of every workshop, a downloadable audio-only MP3 version of every workshop and smaller file-sized portable videos to take with you on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

No matter whether you like to read, listen, watch or all three while you are on the go – you have the option.

Print Outs For Everything

All the task sheets, transcripts and slide presentations are available to print out if you prefer to study in a non-digital format.

Don’t wait, sign up right now,
and let’s begin this journey together!

Become a Credit Mastermind


The Million Dollar Credit Guru

We’ve had the pleasure of coaching two people who went on to create Million Dollar Credit Businesses.

Brandon M.

Brandon was one of the very first members back in 2007.


Mitch Wilson

In my first week I had less than 50 hits a day. Within two months I was up to 3,000 hits a day. Today I get a million visitors a month.

It hasn’t been luck, it was by following the steps The Credit Mastermind provided for me (they are not paying me to say that!). I’m so grateful to have actual people enjoy my service.

What The Credit Mastermind business did was help me channel my efforts to the right areas as opposed to me guessing. You can spend the time executing because The Credit Mastermind gives you the plan to follow.

Albert F.

We met Albert back when I started my own credit help business. It was Albert, I and 3 others on the first call with The Credit Mastermind owner/coach.

Today Albert’s business has grown into a fully fledged company valued at over $10 Million, with a staff of over twenty people, offices in LA and New York and does several million dollars a year in revenue.

Alborz Fallah

Don’t wait, sign up right now,

and let’s begin this journey together!

Become a CPN Agent Now


No One Else
Teaches This Credit System.

How To Make $100,000 A Year From As Few As 50 People

What’s unique about The Credit Mastermind Credit system they teach is you can profit from very small audiences.

You can actually make more from less traffic and you don’t need a massive email list to make big money.

So how can this seemingly counterintuitive outcome occur for you?

The key is in what you DO with the traffic.

The answer rests in one simple idea that every truly successful business person knows…

You can earn much more money from your EXISTING CUSTOMERS.

Traditionally website owners focus only on how many people they can attract to their offer and how large they can get their email list.

If you can get to tens of thousands of daily visitors you earn big money from advertising.

Unfortunately that outcome is REALLY hard, requires an incredible amount of work and takes years to achieve.

It also means you have ZERO customers.
I spent almost two years working really hard to get my traffic up so I could sell more clients.

Then I discovered the smarter model, the model where as a Credit Coach with The Credit Mastermind you actually have CUSTOMERS.

It’s also a smarter model because you can use it to make money from DAY ONE.

It’s not a complicated idea, but it is a shift from how most Credit Agents think.


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Become a Credit Coach





This Doesn’t Have To Be A Fantasy

Imagine for a second you no longer work a 9 to 5 job.

There are no deadlines, no staff meetings, no frustrating workplace dramas, no sitting in traffic to go to and from a place you really don’t want to be.

You don’t have an annoying boss, there is no one you have to ask permission from to take a holiday and your income is not capped to standard rates.

Your day can start with a sleep-in for as long as you like. If you work best at 8pm in the evening or 11am in the morning it doesn’t matter — you decide when you work.

You can spend as much time with your children and loved ones as you like, cook healthy home made meals, exercise so you feel yourself again and take your family on holidays.

Speaking Of Holidays…

Imagine every few months you hop on a plane and live somewhere else.

Your credit business only requires a laptop and an internet connection, so you can truly live the laptop lifestyle anywhere on the planet.

How about waking up to perpetual sunshine in Hawaii, or spending a year living in different exotic cities of Europe, or exploring Australia or India.

Do you like tennis? Why not attend all the Grand Slams in Melbourne, Paris, London and New York. Maybe you want to play all the world famous golf courses, or swim in the great barrier reef or go whooshing down the slopes with your skis in Canada.

The travel options really are limitless once you have a business that is completely virtual.

The best thing about your new life is that you are in CONTROL.

Control equals freedom. When you are in charge of your own business, your own time, where you live and what activities you fill your days with, you truly can live the life of your dreams.

Obviously this is not an overnight outcome, but I promise you, if this is your goal, you can have it. All you need to do is start.

laptop lifestyle
laptop lifestyle
laptop lifestyle
laptop lifestyle
laptop lifestyle
laptop lifestyle

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Become a Credit Coach


Graduate Case Study

Lawn D.

Lance Nelson

The Credit Mastermind does such a good job at keeping you motivated with the program. They set realistic expectations, it’s credible and it works.


“I honestly think the biggest thing that  helped me with was the motivation. Without motivation, nothing happens. The Credit Mastermind does such a good job at keeping you motivated with their program. They set realistic expectations, it’s credible and it works.”

Blog Money FinderBONUS TRAINING 1
The Money Finder

Over the years The Credit Mastermind has continuously refined and revised the methodology to guide members through to ensure they have a domain name that can actually lead to money.

This is especially important given today’s crowded internet — you have to pick the right name from day one.

How To Find Your Best Domain Name

Inside this special bonus training you will learn:

  • How to find the sweet spot that matches your strength, with what the name will actually pay out better than another name
  • How to conduct the 3-layers of research to identify where the money is in a good name
  • Plus we explain what the “MEGA-REGISTRARS” are and why almost all the money to be made online is within these 4 domain registrars
  • How to map out a vision so you can see what moves you need to make that can take you into the income zone you need for your desires in this life

This special bonus training will help you become crystal clear on exactly whom you serve, what they need, how you should best deliver it to them and of course – how to maximize your profits as a result of delivering so much value.

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Become a Credit Coach

Live trainingBONUS TRAINING 2
Live Coaching

We realize the workshops and bonus training might not answer every question you have. We also understand how much people value having direct access to a coach and mentor.

This is why The Credit Mastermind team makes themselves personally available for 4 live training sessions you can participate in as part of your membership. The live training webinars begin shortly after you sign up for The Credit Mastermind

How To Ask Your Questions Live

  • You can join a live training webinar using your computer, laptop, or smartphone
  • There are no limitations on the number of questions you can ask (We only request that you give other members a chance to ask questions too, so everyone gets a turn)
  • We won’t hold back on the “severity” of our advice, if we think you are making a mistake we will tell you (we act as if we are a invested partner in your business, so we treat you as such)
  • All webinars are recorded and available for download as an audio MP3 and streaming video shortly after they end
  • We change the scheduling around so no matter where in the world you are located you will have a chance to ask a question live
  • If you can’t make a live call you can email us a question in advance, which we will address live during the webinar as well as respond via email
  • We will stay on the live webinar for as long as it takes to answer all questions, so don’t be afraid to ask anything

In the past the members who have attended or listened to every coaching session are consistently the ones who go on to build successful businesses.

Mitch W., one of the million dollar credit gurus mentioned above, attended every coaching call we have done during the first ever training. He reported back on how it was growing and asked for advice whenever he needed it. This is how you stay accountable and get results.

You Can Ask Us These Kind Of Questions…

  • What social site is right for you in your unique situation?
  • How can you turn your under-performing advertising into a money making one?
  • What is the number one thing you should do to grow your traffic?
  • How can you find the time to work on your business when you have so many other commitments?

Or any other question you have… Nothing is off limits!

How The Coaching Sessions Work

  1. You receive a special live coaching call in number and access code
  2. When the call is due to begin you call in to join live
  3. You can listen as other people ask questions and we answer
  4. You can also request to speak directly to the trainer
  5. You can ask as many questions as you like

This is just like personal coaching + training all in one. You can speak to the trainer directly and you can listen in as other people are coached too!

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Become a Credit Coach


Lane R

Lane is a personal credit coach who focuses on Credit Repair. She joined as a Credit Coach the very first time I taught the program for The Credit Mastermind, and was one of the hardest working members. She put in the effort, and got some amazing results in just a matter of months.

Leigh Peele

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Become a Credit Coach


“Sounds Great,
But How Much Is It
Going To Cost To Join?”

You have good timing. this has been closed since the end of 2015 because it was due for a major overhaul, and we wanted a break from coaching.

At the end of 2015 The Credit Mastermind mapped out a completely new, much more refined program, designed specifically for the internet we all face today. I’ve only just started teaching this new “Credit Mastermind 2.0” program, and classes are open for registration this month.

We are committed to ongoing updates and live coaching all new members, so when you join today you know you are getting the most up-to-date version and we are there to support you live.

The big benefit of joining now is you get the results of over 10 years, and 8 years of coaching other credit coaches.

We have truly EVOLVED. Because The Credit Mastermind has constantly refined the program, it’s a much better program. This is not the “first experimental course” – this is finely tuned technology. We’ve cut-the-fat and zeroed in on the step-by-step system The Credit Mastermind know will get you results as quickly as possible.

This is a complete program and you can begin working with us to start your training and build your own credit coaching empire for just $2,195

Once you see that the quality and quantity of training you’ll know you’ve made the right decision.

This is the equivalent of a university course on business finance (I bet you won’t find such a relevant and up to date course at even the best universities), and it costs significantly less than a university program of the same caliber.

You will graduate in six weeks time after completing all of the workshops. After graduation you will enjoy LIFE-TIME ACCESS TO ALL THE RESOURCES AT NO EXTRA COST, so you can study at your own pace if you prefer.

What if you’re in a hurry? What if you want access to ALL the workshops and benefits upfront rather than taught over six weeks?

If you are in a hurry and want ALL the resources right now you can choose the “One Time Payment” option and The Credit Mastermind will even give you a 10% discount off the price! Pay just $1975 (instead of 3 x $732 = $2,195) and get the entire Credit Mastermind program with IMMEDIATE access to ALL resources, your new website and a completely built out new credit profile.

You can study the materials at any time, at your own pace – there’s no pressure with this program. Even if you can’t keep up with the weekly tasks, you can save the workshops and do the activities later. As long as you complete payment for the course, you get to keep everything forever. Plus we start on your website and you can start advertising in 2 weeks.

You get all the program features, including all workshops (20 modules in total), the Money Finder bonus program, the Beginner Tech training, Live Coaching Calls and Case Study Interviews.

It’s the complete package and we know if you want to make credit coaching your ticket to financial freedom and fun, you will appreciate the fantastic value in this offer.

In fact, if you feel anything is lacking then just tell us and we will be sure to cover it or find another expert who can. Bottom line – if you are not totally delighted, we won’t be happy.

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Become a Credit Coach


Our Promise To New Credit Coaches:
You Will Have A Website
Up And Running Within Two Weeks Of
Joining The Program
ready for advertising

You might feel worried about just getting your site set up due to your lack of technical skill. This is why we do it for you. We also provide you the login information so you can edit the content easily on your website in case you want to change your number or prices (or we can do it for you just submit a support ticket). we also give you training on how to do the simple edits.

Plus that’s not the only guarantee we offer, you also have this…

Guarantee30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
If this Turns Out To
Not Be The Right System For You
You Have The Following Protection…

We want to be very clear about my refund policy for this program.

The Credit Masterminds goal is to attract people who are motivated, have done their research and decided this is the right program for your situation, and most importantly, you are committed to applying the system we are going to teach you.

The first thing you need to know about our guarantee is that you have a 30 day window to try the program before the refund period ends.

This means anytime within the first 30 days from the day you purchased you can request a refund if you decide the program is not working for you. We will reverse your payment so you get your money back, if the following conditions are met…

Refund Guarantee Conditions

When you request a refund you must show that you actually applied the system and it did not work for you. This means that you…

  1. Set up your ads and email list
  2. Set up a two week email sequence to promote your first offer
  3. Did at least 2 social media campaigns

This is what The Credit Mastermind system teaches you how to do. To qualify for the refund, you have to show us you set these basic things up following the steps in the program, but it did not work for you. We will then be happy to fully refund your program fee.

All you have to do is email our support ticket system to request your refund.

The same 30-Day Money Back Guarantee applies to the “Full Payment Option” or the “Payment Plan” installments option.

As I write this, over 3,000 people have completed this course (you can read many of their success stories throughout this page). I have absolutely no doubt that if you commit to the process you too can become a success story with The Credit Mastermind.

I invite you to join now and see for yourself how powerful this program really is.

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Become a Credit Coach


Stop The Press:

If You Sign Up Today, We Will Send You A Special Login To Access The Original
core documents I used to get started years ago with The Credit Mastermind and the methods still apply today – Yes all core documents – How to create a CPN number from scratch – How to tri-merge the CPN number – How to add your own trade-lines and much much more!

You Can Work At Your Own Pace

The current new version is a 3 week basic training program, including all new video workshops we will be guiding you through.

This special bonus of the original course is available immediately — and I mean ALL OF IT.

It was originally designed as a 2 MONTH training program, but we recommend you pick and choose what you work through from this program as you have time outside the training we take you through in the new program.

You will definitely never be short support to guide you through the credit build-out process – this really is a valuable and comprehensive package that you won’t find anywhere else.

Even though we do 90% of the work for you and you may already know how to simple post our social media advertising images with your contact info on them we want to be sure you have every area of support covered for your success. Being self sufficient is the key!

Don’t wait, sign up right now,
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Become a Credit Coach Now


So Many Proven Success Stories…

There Is No Other CPN and Credit Repair Training Program With This Many Proven Success Stories From So Many Different Kinds Of People

And You Can Be Next…

Throughout this page you have seen case studies from people who graduated and used the system to make hundred of thousands of dollars online.


Joey did it


Natalie started while she was working full time


Albert followed his passion and created a multi-million dollar credit business


Morgan leveraged his experience working a job about home loans


Olivier teaches a home-study in Chicago


Nicola created an amazing credit series about credit repair


Brandon followed his passion and today has a million dollar business


Lane helps people in her local market face to face


Michelle helps people become virtual credit assistants


Tom is dedicated to supporting people who suffer from under 500 FICO scores


Barbara coaches women how to build wealth


Joe is now a musician dedicated to home music recording studios

Each of these people went through our program, implemented the steps and built successful credit based businesses. Everyone made at least a full time income, most of them make over $100,000 a year and a couple make millions of dollars a year.

There is also my own success story. A New credit file and credit repair changed my life for the better in so many ways, which is why I am so dedicated to helping others experience what I have. I run my own mastermind website as well as do teachings that I get paid for for The Credit Mastermind and my clients credit coaching websites.

I’ve made over a million dollars with my own credit coaching business, but we prefer to show off our members and clients as a better example of what is possible for you.

Turn Your Knowledge Into An Online Income Stream

If you are an expert, coach, teacher, trainer, author, speaker, freelancer, consultant or anyone with a skill or story to share, you owe it to yourself and the people you can help, to take that knowledge and make it available online via your own credit website like this which we clone for you.

Why not make money by offering a digital product you can sell from your website over and over again. Its already been created for you and profit for years to come.

This Is Not Based On Luck

You’ve no doubt seen other programs where a credit guru uses his or her own story as the only proof of results. They might have got lucky, been in the right place at the right time and built a business that makes money.

While it’s great to learn from someone who has walked the path themselves, wouldn’t you rather have a coach who is not only a success himself, but has helped other people? – Normal people who started off in exactly the same place you are right now.

I let my Credit Coaches do the talking and demonstrate that this is not about luck, it’s a proven formula that any person can follow.

If you’re committed to putting in the work, we would like to add your name to that list of success stories above.

Graduate Case Study

It took me two years before I hired a coach. Can you get there by yourself? Some people can, but a coach can get you there faster. Maybe don’t buy so many shoes or something else frivolous and put that money into education instead!

Barbara R.
Barbara Turley
$200,000+ A Year

“When I first came across The Credit Mastermind website I had no clue what I was going to do. I kinda knew I wanted to run my own business one day, but I never considered being a credit guru. I thought credit services were all scams and were time wasters!

I didn’t understand the beauty of the front end and the back end business that can be born out of it.

It really opened my eyes to this new world. I found these people who really can sit by the pool and earn a lot of money at the same time. That really lit me up inside. I decided I had to figure out what I could do to start my own credit business.”

Your Class Begins Today

I Can Tell How Serious You Are…

You would not be reading this page if you were not serious about growing your own profitable business.

You desire to quit your job, have true financial freedom, travel the world and do what you want with your life.

Credit coaching is by far the most satisfying online businesses available today. You get to actually help people with their own credit and give them a very profitable business at the same time.

You don’t have to force yourself to promote a product you don’t like, or learn how to master things like buying traffic using complicated advertising platforms like AdWords.

You can sell the service you care about in an honest and genuine way. You can talk to your clients using your own voice in a casual, “every day” style just like you write emails to your friends or post to Facebook.

The upfront costs to get started are minimal. You don’t have to be a professional writer. There are no qualifications required – just the will to begin since we do most all the work for you.

This Is THE Course

This is the original Credit Mastermind course.

It’s the longest running and most established credit coaching training program available today. It’s the “ivy-league” of credit business programs.

When I taught the program for the first time in 2007 with The Credit Mastermind owner there was nothing else out there like it. Still today you won’t find another program with as much history of success as The Credit Mastermind.

We have coached others to build money making businesses for eight+ years (you won’t find any other credit coaches with this much experience!).

There are no other credit repair programs created by people who have sold millions of dollars worth of products and services from their business and has taught other clients who have made millions of dollars with their credit coaching business.

We have the track record to back up the promises.

If you’re serious about this industry, then we are serious about taking you to the next level.

Don’t wait, sign up right now,
and let’s begin this journey together!

Choose the plan that is right for you:

What You Get

  • Three Core Workshops
  • Video, Audio & Transcripts
  • Checklists, Task Sheets & Action Plans
  • Live Coaching With Tad
  • Beginner Tech Training
  • Money Finder
  • Power SMS Blasting
  • Core Guides 1.0
  • Lifetime Access
  • 24/7 Community Support
  • Your own Website
  • Access To Mentors
  • Direct Contact With Tad
  • Short Courses & Guides
  • Hot Seat Sessions
  • Interviews With Experts
  • Live Chat
  • Unlimited Support


Credit Coach Training

$732 /month x 3

Join Now
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Credit Mastermind

$1995 SAVE $295

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Credit Mastermind

$1995 SAVE $295

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We can’t wait to start working with you!

If you have reached this point and you are still not sure if this is right for you, then I recommend giving us a call.

It’s not rocket science, you can do this too.

To your success!

Tad H.
The Credit Guru

PS — The bottom line is this. Join our mentorship program and get access to the exact same mindset, systems, tools and strategies that allow me to earn $10,000 – $55,000 per month from  just 2 hours a day.

PLUS – you’ll get tons of “Extras” and bonuses like the “Money Finder” , live coaching calls with me, and of course, the MEGA-BONUS entire original How to create CPN numbers and Credit Repair 1.0 program – a huge value!

Why not just give it a try? Get started now and join more than 3,000 members who have already participated in The Credit Mastermind business. I’ll see you on the other side!

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The Credit Mastermind began advertising over ten years ago, and has taught thousands of other credit business owners how to make a full time income from credit counseling part time. Today we continue coaching from cafes around the world.

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